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What is the Attraction of Gold?

Mankind has been fascinated by gold for thousands of years. It started as an investment when farming advances led to surplus food production, so it became a medium of exchange. As it is inert it could also store value, and it became a display of power and status.

Over the centuries golds status has risen despite trivial industrial use. early 20th centuries gold played a key role in international monetary transactions. The gold standard was used to back currencies with the international value of currency being

New Year Financial Resolutions

We have just made it past Christmas, but we still have the New Year to bring in so the festive season has still a few days to go. It will not be all that long before our children will realise that it is back to school or Uni.

Christmas Wishes 2015

22 Dec 2015

Dear Santa

Like many people, we are really looking forward to catching up with you on Christmas Day.   We hope all is well with you and Mrs. Claus, and of course the little ones.   Your reindeer must be getting really excited about Thursday night’s epic round the world adventure. You are lucky that there are so many time zones which gives you almost the equivalent of two nights to do your delivery rounds.

Forecasting Problems

01 Dec 2015

We all should know that forecasting is always fraught with difficulties. Meteorologists have a far from perfect record when it comes to weather forecasting. Sure, weather forecasting is not easy in a country like New Zealand. However, they do have plenty of tools to gather data, much of it in real time. Pity then the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ).

Is there any more Sir?

New research shows that few retirees are living on the pension alone. If anyone is surprised by that finding, it is time they entered the real world. The research showed that even people living a frugal lifestyle are spending more than they get from NZ Super.

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