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Economic & Market Updates

Fund Manager Staff Changes

Every now and then within the funds management industry there seems to be a staff merry go round with key people being “head hunted” by competing funds management companies. There will always be the comment from the firm losing what was regarded as their key person fund manager, that we have procedures documented in place, and that it will be business as usual. Having owned our own business in the industry for some fifteen years now, we are rather sceptical of such comments.

The Printing Presses Roll

The announcement this past week that the EU and the IMF are effectively going to bank roll 1 trillion Dollars in order to stabilise the Greek economy was warmly welcomed by various share markets around the world. The previous week they had been hammered on the concerns that there would be further contagion of the Greek worries around several other European Union countries.

Savings May be Recessionary

The Retirement Commission worries about the lack of savings in New Zealand.  Most people do not understand that if everyone started to save 5% of their income immediately, that it would seriously impact consumer spending, pushing us further into recession.  It is a paradox that what may be good for the individual may not be good for the collective country. The fact is that there would be a serious economic problem if we all stopped spending and started to save at once.

Market Correction - a Beautiful Thing?

Many investors have now experienced the anxiety of falling financial markets.  We need to remember that for every correction there is a rally and for every rally there is a correction. The old adage still applies: It's not timing the market that matters but rather time in the market.     It is no different for farmers as one sort of production becomes more fashionable and profitable than others.   It has happened for decades. 

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