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Beware of Potential Scams

As authorised financial advisers, it really annoys us that people continue to be ripped off by “investment scams”, or by companies that are poorly managed or have little in the way of controls to ensure that their investor’s interests are safeguarded.

Investing in fads is fraught with danger. Those who invested in gold a number of years ago when the prices were high and didn’t get out at the right time, will have made some significant either realised or unrealised losses.

Term Deposits – Low Risk?

We were astounded yesterday when a spokesman for one of the country’s largest investment managers, made the comment on breakfast TV that KiwiSaver was really no riskier than a bank term deposit. Yes, there are risks associated with investing in term deposits. However there is minimal risk in losing investment capital, something that can readily occur when investing in KiwiSaver schemes.

Chinese Concerns or is it Xenophobia?

At the same time that the world was putting up with the Greek tragedy over the past few weeks, there were concerns about China. It may be that China has been a mystery, as has Asia as a whole, to the European world for many centuries. It may be their culture, work ethics, and savings records. Whatever it is, the Chinese have demonstrated that if they want to do something, they will invariably do it well and successfully.

Is It Time to Turn Off the Greek Life Support?

07 Jul 2015

Last week we wrote about the continuing Greek Tragedy. On Sunday in Europe, the Greeks got to vote and it was a resounding no vote. It was hardly surprising, as who would want to vote for greater austerity?

Perhaps it is the hot Greek summer’s sun at this time of year, but surely the Greeks must take some responsibility for the economic mess that they have gotten themselves into. Standing in line at ATM machines with no money available to withdraw must surely be finally getting through to the Greeks.

The Greek Tragedy Unfolds

In a surprise move, the Greek government has announced that it will hold a referendum on the 5th of July, asking the Greek people whether they agree with the latest bailout conditions imposed by European negotiators.

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