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Scottish Voting Could Impact the Markets

There are three imminent events in different countries where the outcome may or may not cause political change. For New Zealanders there is our general election. For Fijians there is their general election, the first in eight years following a military coup. The Scots on Thursday, are voting on whether they should go it alone, rather than continue the union of the past three centuries or so. From a financial markets’ perspective, the Scottish situation is by far the more important.

Capital Gains Tax –a Web of Unintended Consequences

New Zealand has had a capital gains tax for many years. Historically its use has largely been confined to property speculators, and smaller builders and their associates who often built “spec homes”. Some share market investors who made frequent share trades could also have fallen into the capital gains tax regime.

There have been plenty of arguments for an updated capital gains tax regime. No one in New Zealand has been able to come out with a capital gains tax proposal that is actually workable and with quantifiable results.

Price Gouging or a Lack of Service

Running a company for the benefit of the shareholders rather than the potential customers is invariably a can of worms. Directors of a company have the obligation to meet the financial and ethical demands of the shareholders.


Growing the Local Economy

14 Jul 2014

For New Zealand provincial towns to survive long term, they need to grow. In most countries around the world, rural area populations are decreasing, as more and more people head to the larger cities or overseas as a means of bettering themselves.

What is Investment Risk?

Investment risk from an investor’s perspective is different to that of an investment manager. From an advisers’ perspective, the biggest risk is not achieving the investor’s financial goals. If we can’t achieve the agreed financial goals with the investor it also becomes a business risk.

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