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Family Trusts

Preparing for Elderly Parents

Sooner or later most of us will have parents who become elderly. Some will notice how much their parents have aged when they got together over the Christmas New Year period or Easter. And then comes the worrying bit. How will Mum or Dad cope, and for that matter how well will you cope as increasing responsibility falls on your or your siblings’ shoulders.

Relationship Property Basics

It is well known that at least a third of marriages and de facto relationships fail. Being aware of the financial consequences of the end of a relationship means you can put in place strategies to protect the property you acquired before the relationship and protect your rights to a share of property acquired during the relationship.

Trusts – Don’t Over Gift

03 Nov 2015

Gift duty in New Zealand was abolished in 2011. This means that for example if you wanted to gift all your assets to a trust in one swoop, you can do so. Many people wrongly still believe that they can simply gift all my assets over to my trust and they will be out of reach of creditors, disillusioned partners, and government agencies.

Committing to Financial Togetherness

You have been two individuals, and then became a couple, finally making the commitment to marriage. If you think that now you are married that you are financially committed together you most likely are wrong. The chances are that during your time together before you married, you started intermingling your monies. You may well have triggered the Property Relationship Act.

Funding Student Studies

At this time of year, a number of parents will have seen their son or daughter head off to university, for the first time. A worry for parents and students alike is how they will financially manage.

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