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Are Direct Property Investment’s Suitable for Retirees?

Investing in property for New Zealanders has been a popular means of building wealth for retirement. Typically, property investors will try to build a portfolio of properties using borrowed funds in the expectation that they increase in value. Their thinking is that over time they can sell off a couple of properties at retirement and repay any outstanding debt.

Blending Relationships

You may have been dating for some time and things are going really well and you’ve decided that you want to move in together. So all you need to do is sell your house, move into his or her house and book the moving truck. Unfortunately it is not that simple, and can be really problematic if the relationship fails.

Preparing for Elderly Parents

Sooner or later most of us will have parents who become elderly. Some will notice how much their parents have aged when they get together over Christmas and the New Year. And then comes the worrying bit. How will Mum or Dad cope, and for that matter how well will you cope as increasing responsibility falls on your or your siblings’ shoulders.

Be prepared to be Forgetful

Most people at some stage of their lives can be forgetful. Sometimes they may be on a medication that has a side effect of forgetfulness. Often we hear the expression that he or she is a bit forgetful nowadays, when people are talking about an old friend, parent or acquaintance.

Capital Gains Tax –a Web of Unintended Consequences

New Zealand has had a capital gains tax for many years. Historically its use has largely been confined to property speculators, and smaller builders and their associates who often built “spec homes”. Some share market investors who made frequent share trades could also have fallen into the capital gains tax regime.

There have been plenty of arguments for an updated capital gains tax regime. No one in New Zealand has been able to come out with a capital gains tax proposal that is actually workable and with quantifiable results.

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