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Financial Advisers

What Sort of Investment Journey Would You Like?

It is human nature that we would like a nice smooth investment journey with no losses along the way and great positive returns. Unfortunately, that is just a dream. But how can we turn dreams into reality? Reality is achieved when you arrive at your desired destination, preferably with higher levels of income and assets than you needed to reach your investment goals.

Financial Security –A Fact or A Feeling

When it comes to your financial security it is important to be real. You either have sufficient accumulated wealth which is a fact, or you may think that you are alright. That is just a feeling. Ideally your feeling should be backed up by fact. There is nothing wrong with feeling financially secure. Being financially secure is much better. And, of course, there are ways to reduce the risk along the way.

Be prepared to be Forgetful

Most people at some stage of their lives can be forgetful. Sometimes they may be on a medication that has a side effect of forgetfulness. Often, we hear the expression that he or she is a bit forgetful nowadays, when people are talking about an old friend, parent or acquaintance.

Funding Tertiary Studies

Before your child gets to year 12 at school, if they want to do well academically, they need to get into the learning habit. It is the results from Year 12, that will determine their eligibility for university scholarships, what courses they may be eligible to apply for, and very importantly access to University hostels and flats. This is a year earlier in their lives than what most students realise and may come as a shock to parents.

Preparing for Elderly Parents

Sooner or later most of us will have parents who become elderly. Some will notice how much their parents have aged when they got together over the Christmas New Year period or Easter. And then comes the worrying bit. How will Mum or Dad cope, and for that matter how well will you cope as increasing responsibility falls on your or your siblings’ shoulders.

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