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Fees or Commissions - The debate heats up

04 Dec 2009

In Australia there have been moves to make commissions on investments illegal.  The reasoning for this is that someone who is paid by commission can be unduly influenced by the rate of commission being received. Recently it was announced that the AMP in Australia would stop paying its investment advisers commissions.  They have been very coy about making any such commitment for their New Zealand advisers.

A Rural Case Study

28 Aug 2009

It is fast approaching the Institute of Financial Advisers Financial Awareness Week (September 6 -13).   We thought it appropriate therefore to make use of a case study to illustrate some issues that many families, especially in rural areas, may be facing. The case study was initially prepared by the IFA, and we have modified it. Any resemblance of names etc is purely coincidental.

Slow Start for KiwiSaver Returns

A number of KiwiSaver investors may have seen what appeared to be disturbing news in last weekend’s NZ Herald.  An article pointed out that one of the default providers had 24 KiwiSaver products, and that 20 of them had lost value since the KiwiSaver Funds received their first monies.  If the report writer had any real knowledge of investment markets and KiwiSaver, it should not have been a surprise at all.  Firstly, the investment time period was only three months, and secondly share markets performed poorly throughout most of the developed world in

The Rules Keep Changing

It seems amazing, that here we are now two months into a new investment taxation regime, yet the good folks at the IRD call centre still do not seem to know about it.  We gleaned this information from a New Zealand Herald article early this week.  It does not really come as a surprise; as IRD have been very slow in answering any investment taxation questions that either we or our colleagues have submitted.

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