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Gardening and Investing – Different but Similar

Over the past few weeks, Pride Whakatane have been running a garden competition. There were plenty of entries from dedicated gardeners throughout the district. We were fortunate enough to get to view a number of the top gardens. They were all a credit to the garden owners and those hard working organisers of the event.

Is there any more Sir?

New research shows that few retirees are living on the pension alone. If anyone is surprised by that finding, it is time they entered the real world. The research showed that even people living a frugal lifestyle are spending more than they get from NZ Super.

Pre-Retirement Stress

27 Oct 2015

We are approaching the time of year when a number of people choose to retire. Gone are the days when there was almost a mandatory need to retire at the age of sixty five. Making the decision to retire can in itself be stressful.

Committing to Financial Togetherness

You have been two individuals, and then became a couple, finally making the commitment to marriage. If you think that now you are married that you are financially committed together you most likely are wrong. The chances are that during your time together before you married, you started intermingling your monies. You may well have triggered the Property Relationship Act.

The Right Property for the Stage of Your Life

29 Sep 2015

As we age we go through differing stages regarding our housing needs. These have differing impacts on our, and our family’s, lives.  For many of us, by the time we have turned fifty five our children or some of them may have left home.

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