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Financial Advisers

Beware of Potential Scams

As authorised financial advisers, it really annoys us that people continue to be ripped off by “investment scams”, or by companies that are poorly managed or have little in the way of controls to ensure that their investor’s interests are safeguarded.

Investing in fads is fraught with danger. Those who invested in gold a number of years ago when the prices were high and didn’t get out at the right time, will have made some significant either realised or unrealised losses.

What is a Financial Planner?

The role of a financial planner is to work with their clients in order to establish their life goals, and put in place strategies for investing the clients’ money in order to meet or exceed those goals.

Your Investment Portfolio in Retirement

One of the reasons that we save and invest during our working life is to be able to use the savings when we have retired. It’s almost like a squirrel gathering nuts in the autumn in order to store them to eat during the winter. They supplement what little fresh food there is to eat during the winter with their supply of stored nuts.

So what do retired people do with their savings? They use them to supplement their income from National Superannuation.

How good are your Investment Returns?

Over the past few weeks, we have had a few phone calls from people that we know, who have been concerned about the low level of investment returns that their friends have been receiving relative to their own. What was of most interest to us, is that their friends had invested through bank private investment services rather than through an independently owned service such as our own. Their investment portfolios ranged from $500,000 to several millions.

Currency – to hedge or not to hedge

New Zealand is a small export orientated country. Most of our exports are not sold in New Zealand dollars. The dairy industry typically sells in US dollars. The New Zealand dollar tends to fluctuate considerably often on the back of the regular dairy product auctions. We only need to look at the events of the past few weeks or so, and the negative impact that there has been on the strength of the New Zealand dollar.

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