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Financial Advisers

Regulation is designed to Enhance Trust

Prior to the regulation of financial advisers in 2011 just about anyone could put up a sign and call themselves an adviser. To obtain a share broker’s licence required filling out a form, obtaining sign-off from the Court Registrar and the payment of a fee. There was no requirement for any competency or qualifications.

Regulation was designed to give the public some confidence in financial advice and to get rid of the inevitable rat bags that seem to plague virtually all professions.

Direct vs Advised Insurance Products

23 Mar 2015

Daily we are subjected to advertising, and increasingly it is for insurance products. The advertising creates an awareness of the need for insurance which is great. What it does not reveal is the subtle or not so subtle nuances between products that sound similar.

Successful Portfolio Management

Successful portfolio management using an authorised financial adviser always starts with the investor. To be most effective, the adviser needs to identify a full understanding of the investor’s objectives, their investment time horizon and most importantly, their attitude to investment risk.

A Question of Ethics

Imagine you have heard a radio or television advertisement from an insurance company. They say in the advertisement that unlike other insurers they will really find out what your circumstances are, and because of this they can offer lower cost cover.

Funding Student Studies

At this time of year, a number of parents will have seen their son or daughter head off to university, for the first time. A worry for parents and students alike is how they will financially manage.

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