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Investment Failures

Valuing a Life

In the 1960’s and 70’s it was relatively common for parents to take out a whole of life policy for their children once they were teenagers. In that period there were tax deductions available so the cost was largely insignificant. The policy values in today’s dollar terms were also typically low at around $10,000. The chances are that the majority of these policies are no longer in effect having been cashed up for their not insignificant surrender values.

Blending Families

So, you have been dating over a year. Things are going well, and you have decided that you both want to move in together. So, you think all you need to do is sell your house, and move into his or her place, book the moving truck and get on with it. Sadly, this is not the right answer for either of you.

Committing to Financial Togetherness

You have been two individuals, and then became a couple, finally making the commitment to marriage. If you think that now you are married you are financially committed together, you most likely are wrong. The chances are that during your time together before you married, you started intermingling your monies. You may well have triggered the Property Relationship Act.

Financial Security –A Fact or A Feeling

When it comes to your financial security it is important to be real. You either have sufficient accumulated wealth which is a fact, or you may think that you are alright. That is just a feeling. Ideally your feeling should be backed up by fact. There is nothing wrong with feeling financially secure. Being financially secure is much better. And, of course, there are ways to reduce the risk along the way.

Is there Value in Receiving Investment Advice?

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has recently released findings from their FMA Colmar Brunton commissioned survey of New Zealanders aged between 60 and 74. The survey was designed to find out how advice had helped them manage their savings.

Of those retirees who had sought professional financial advice, 95% said their adviser was either good, very good or extremely good value. Around 30% said their adviser was very good value.

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