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Investment Failures

Passive Investing – Maybe you are paying too much?

Over the years there has been a lot of debate about the merits of investing in passive funds compared to actively managed funds. In the United States passive or index funds are very popular. There are even more passive funds than listed companies. Just because something is popular does not make them necessarily a good choice.

Passive investment funds’ performance has dominated active performance for the past five years in the United States. This is like what has occurred in Europe.

What is the Attraction of Gold?

Mankind has been fascinated by gold for thousands of years. It started as an investment when farming advances led to surplus food production, so it became a medium of exchange. As it is inert it could also store value, and it became a display of power and status.

Over the centuries golds status has risen despite trivial industrial use. early 20th centuries gold played a key role in international monetary transactions. The gold standard was used to back currencies with the international value of currency being

The final straw in a relationship

In today’s society, relationship breakups are all too common. Surprisingly a number of breakups occur close to or soon after retirement. They also seem to occur after Christmas. Often a couple stay together for a final family gathering, or else the stress and financial strain of the occasion becomes the final straw, breaking the marital back.

What Sort of Investment Journey Would You Like?

It is human nature that we would really like our investments to provide a nice solid return with no negative return periods. Unfortunately, that is just a dream. But how can we turn dreams into reality? Reality is achieved when you arrive at your desired destination, preferably with higher levels of income and assets than you needed to reach your investment goals.

New Year Financial Resolutions

We have just made it past Christmas, but we still have the New Year to bring in so the festive season has still a few days to go. It will not be all that long before our children will realise that it is back to school or Uni.

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