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Investment Failures

Breaking Up Around Retirement

27 May 2015

Relationship breakups are all too common. Surprisingly a number of breakups occur close to or soon after retirement. One big factor that causes massive stress amongst retirees with partners is seldom talked about. The issue relates to couples simply spending a lot more time together at home when they are not used to doing so for extended periods of time.

Investor Emotions

Investing can be emotional. Should I do it? What is a better investment? What if it turns nasty? Can I get my money out or at least some if my personal circumstances change dramatically?

The traditional New Zealand investor most likely started off by buying a second house, usually using some of the equity from their primary residence. This worked well, primarily because the taxation system was so advantageous to them.

Reserve Bank wants to Protect Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Over the years we have cautioned about people taking out reverse mortgages. We believe it is usually more prudent to consider alternative options rather than taking out a reverse mortgage for those who are cash poor and asset rich. They were a traditionally expensive way of obtaining money for funding one’s lifestyle. Even now, borrowing costs are significantly higher than traditional mortgage costs.

Am I in the Right KiwiSaver Fund?

This is a commonly asked question of financial advisers especially when KiwiSaver investors are in a group default scheme. It is always a bit difficult to answer at the time, given that the first thing an adviser is supposed to do is provide the person with a disclosure statement, before even attempting to answer the question.

It is all a bit unusual given that journalists, teachers, and members of parliament can legally answer the question yet the vast majority of them have no qualifications or expertise to do so.

Debt Investing

In the early 2000’s, debt investing was the dominant form of investing for many New Zealanders with the exception of property investors. The two went hand in hand with much of the debt investing being associated with property. Both banks and finance companies were heavily into lending for property.

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