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Investment Failures

Successful Portfolio Management

Successful portfolio management using an authorised financial adviser always starts with the investor. To be most effective, the adviser needs to identify a full understanding of the investor’s objectives, their investment time horizon and most importantly, their attitude to investment risk.

A Question of Ethics

Imagine you have heard a radio or television advertisement from an insurance company. They say in the advertisement that unlike other insurers they will really find out what your circumstances are, and because of this they can offer lower cost cover.

Bad Loan – Bad Luck?

Most people understand that loans can sometimes go bad. That is one of the reasons that banks have a pretty high margin between their costs of borrowing and the rate that they charge for loans. In other words they build in a contingency for the relatively low numbers of mortgages that default in a normal economic climate. When economic conditions make lending a riskier business, the margin increases, so as to cover potential losses through defaults.

Property Syndicates – More Bite the Dust

Just over three years ago we wrote in this column under the heading “Property Syndicates – Buyers Beware”. This week we saw an article in the New Zealand Herald titled “Property syndicate investors suffer $25m losses”.

Are Direct Property Investment’s Suitable for Retirees?

Investing in property for New Zealanders has been a popular means of building wealth for retirement. Typically, property investors will try to build a portfolio of properties using borrowed funds in the expectation that they increase in value. Their thinking is that over time they can sell off a couple of properties at retirement and repay any outstanding debt.

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