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Investment Performance

What Sort of Investment Journey Would You Like?

It is human nature that we would like a nice smooth investment journey with no losses along the way and great positive returns. Unfortunately, that is just a dream. But how can we turn dreams into reality? Reality is achieved when you arrive at your desired destination, preferably with higher levels of income and assets than you needed to reach your investment goals.

Financial Security –A Fact or A Feeling

When it comes to your financial security it is important to be real. You either have sufficient accumulated wealth which is a fact, or you may think that you are alright. That is just a feeling. Ideally your feeling should be backed up by fact. There is nothing wrong with feeling financially secure. Being financially secure is much better. And, of course, there are ways to reduce the risk along the way.

Investment Review to 31 March 2017

The final quarter of the financial year to 31 March 2017, ended satisfactorily with returns for portfolios positive for the quarter, and for the financial year. Share funds, both global and Australasian focussed, performed very well, even with the profit taking in early March.

Residential Property Investment

21 Mar 2017

Residential property investment is not an area that we use in our client investment portfolios. We typically advise and manage client investments in an asset type diversified portfolio manner. However, all our clients do have residential property being their primary residence. Others also have holiday homes, and a few have residential investments. Within our investment portfolios, the property exposure is typically via Australasian listed property companies.

New Zealand Superannuation – A Core Cost to Pay

The growing cost of New Zealand Superannuation is an issue that the Retirement Commissioner and media have raised as a concern. This week, current Prime Minister Bill English addressed the issue, with proposed changes to entitlement age, and increasing the residency length requirement for immigrants.

The current government proposes legislative changes to be introduced in March next year. This is after the election. What has been proposed is therefore a policy, and may not necessarily become law.

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