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Investment Performance

Wealth Creation Schemes

We have all seen the numerous advertisements for the various so called Wealth Creation Schemes. These are for shares, currency, commodities and property.

Investment Tax Return Time

The taxation regime for investment taxation changed three years ago. This saw the introduction of the PIE (portfolio investment entity) regime, and also the foreign investment fund taxation regime. Interestingly the first two returns for the scheme were from what would be considered one of the worst on record for a number of years, and the past year, one of the best.

Retiring Debt versus Saving

Retiring Debt Versus Saving

Which is better? Fast-track your mortgage, clear all your debts and then start saving, or take a bit longer to get out of debt and start your savings programme earlier? This is a question we often get asked.

In an ideal world, people would pay off their mortgages as quickly as possible and start saving for their retirement as early as possible.  However, things are a bit different in the real world. 

Bond Issues Slow the Share Market

In March we witnessed one of the strongest performances by global shares since the 1930’s.  For example the S&P 500 rose by 24.8% from trough to peak with the gains spread across a variety of sectors.  The rally was sparked by a shift in market sentiment driven by a variety of factors.  These include positive comments by international banks regarding operations for the year to date, tentative signs of stability in a range of indicators including US existing home sales and US durable good orders, and the US Treasury stepping up its rescue efforts w

Sharing the PIE

Last week we looked at some of the benefits of investing in cash PIE’s by comparison to normal bank deposits.  One of the main reasons for PIE’s was to get people to invest long term.  For many New Zealanders the long term investment of choice has been a rental property.  The main reason for this had been the tax attractiveness and the ease of being able to gear the investment through mortgage borrowing.

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