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Investment Performance

Should we be eating more PIE?

The introduction of PIE’s (portfolio investment entities) a year ago, was potentially of massive benefit to the New Zealand fund management and banking industry.  By now there are around one billion dollars of funds invested in KiwiSaver and a similar amount in cash investment accounts administered by various providers.

From Crashes (87) to Crises (07)

This week marks the twentieth anniversary of the 1987 share market crash.  This was effectively just a blip in many markets, but it was a major crash here in New Zealand.  Our share market had gone very high, and it had run for a reasonably long time.  For many of the companies, there was very little substance.  They were often interrelated.  And there was a lot of greed by investors and share brokers alike.  The market fell fast, when fear replaced that greed.  

Market Correction - a Beautiful Thing?

Many investors have now experienced the anxiety of falling financial markets.  We need to remember that for every correction there is a rally and for every rally there is a correction. The old adage still applies: It's not timing the market that matters but rather time in the market.     It is no different for farmers as one sort of production becomes more fashionable and profitable than others.   It has happened for decades. 

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