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Investment Performance

Lower Bond Rates May be Here to Stay

Most people with money to invest tend to look at fixed interest investments as a home for some of it. Traditionally fixed interest is used within portfolios for stability, a means of reducing overall investment risk, and as an income stream.

2016 in Review and What will 2017 Bring?

Happy New Year. 2016 has been and gone. Unfortunately, it has proven to be a difficult year, and more so, the last quarter for investments. The year passed quickly by.

Global headlines were dominated by Syria, Terrorism, BRIXIT, the Rio Olympics and the US Presidential Election. In New Zealand, there was also the Kaikoura earthquakes, and the resignation of John Key as leader of the National Party and as Prime Minister.

Lending Money to Friends and Family

16 Feb 2016

Many people get asked the question,” should we lend money to friends or family?” While it is nice to help people, lending money on an informal basis can be a recipe for disaster. If there are any problems, friendships or family relationships can be irreparably harmed.

What is the Attraction of Gold?

Mankind has been fascinated by gold for thousands of years. It started as an investment when farming advances led to surplus food production, so it became a medium of exchange. As it is inert it could also store value, and it became a display of power and status.

Over the centuries golds status has risen despite trivial industrial use. early 20th centuries gold played a key role in international monetary transactions. The gold standard was used to back currencies with the international value of currency being

What Sort of Investment Journey Would You Like?

It is human nature that we would really like our investments to provide a nice solid return with no negative return periods. Unfortunately, that is just a dream. But how can we turn dreams into reality? Reality is achieved when you arrive at your desired destination, preferably with higher levels of income and assets than you needed to reach your investment goals.

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