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Annuities – Who is the Winner?

Increasing numbers of people who are members of KiwiSaver schemes are becoming eligible to access their savings. This is because they have reached the age of sixty five. Some of these people have significant amounts of funds. There has been some debate on what they should do with the monies. One option that has been talked about is to buy an annuity.

What to Do with KiwiSaver Proceeds in Retirement

One of the challenges for KiwiSaver scheme members when they reach the age of sixty five is: should they continue to contribute to the fund, and or stay invested in the fund. Provided one is still in paid employment and can afford to save, then there is nothing lost by continuing to contribute to the fund. A generous employer may even continue to make employer contributions. What you will miss out on is the government’s ongoing contribution.

Term Deposits – Low Risk?

We were astounded yesterday when a spokesman for one of the country’s largest investment managers, made the comment on breakfast TV that KiwiSaver was really no riskier than a bank term deposit. Yes, there are risks associated with investing in term deposits. However there is minimal risk in losing investment capital, something that can readily occur when investing in KiwiSaver schemes.

Am I in the Right KiwiSaver Fund?

This is a commonly asked question of financial advisers especially when KiwiSaver investors are in a group default scheme. It is always a bit difficult to answer at the time, given that the first thing an adviser is supposed to do is provide the person with a disclosure statement, before even attempting to answer the question.

It is all a bit unusual given that journalists, teachers, and members of parliament can legally answer the question yet the vast majority of them have no qualifications or expertise to do so.

A Question of Ethics

Imagine you have heard a radio or television advertisement from an insurance company. They say in the advertisement that unlike other insurers they will really find out what your circumstances are, and because of this they can offer lower cost cover.

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