"We can, and do, rest easy, secure in the knowledge that our financial interests are in good hands..."

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What are the Designations?

In the investment and insurance world there are a lot of different designations that advisers use; e.g. RFA, AFA, CFPCM, CLU etc.  What do they mean, and what should you consider before entering a relationship with an adviser?All financial advisers must be registered on the Financial Service Providers Register (www.fspr.govt.nz), with the FMA being responsible for the authorisation process.

KiwiSaver – What is it going to be worth?

One of the real dangers of KiwiSaver is that it may be giving members a false sense of security for their retirement. Because of this, they may feel that there is no need for additional savings, as their KiwiSaver nest egg together with National Super will be sufficient to meet their retirement needs.

KiwiSaver – Five Years On

03 Jul 2012

KiwiSaver has just turned five. There is around $11.5 billion invested in KiwiSaver funds and of this, the government has paid in about a third. Almost two million people are currently enrolled.

KiwiSaver Investment Returns

As KiwiSaver balances grow, fund returns compared to government contributions, play a much larger role for the investor. Initially the government’s contributions had a massive impact on investor’s balances. This was from the initial start-up $1,000 and the subsequent $1,020 annually until last year when it was halved. The government has already indicated that it is not going to tamper with the scheme in this month’s budget.

KiwiSaver – the Season of Change

Over the past week or so, there have been what we consider several interesting developments in the New Zealand’s funds management industry. Two of these in particular relate to the all-important KiwiSaver.

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