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KiwiSaver Turns Four

KiwiSaver has this month turned four. Currently there are around 1.75 million members, whose investments are valued at close to $9 Billion. Of this, around 40% of the amount is from the government’s contribution, 40% from the employees and 20% from employer’s contributions. The numbers are well above the level expected when the scheme was first announced.

Regulation Starts for Financial Advisers

13 Jul 2011

The first day of July, 2011 marked the start of a new regulated era which should result in investors having greater confidence in seeking professional financial advice.    The era of a largely unregulated financial advisory sector has ended.

Offshore Fixed Interest

Currency is just one of the risks many investors take on.   We need to be aware of the actual investment risks involved.  Some people are wondering if there are non-New Zealand fixed interest offerings. They see that our interest rates are low relative to rates available in Australia.

Australian banks have been paying around 7% for five year money. Not bad in a relatively low interest rate environment, especially when the money (for an Australian) is almost implicitly guaranteed by the Australian Government.

Investors Saved by the Taxpayers

This week, the Crown Guarantee has been severely tested with the receivership of South Canterbury Finance. No one will know the final cost to the tax payer until the receivership is completed. This is likely to take years, as the Government will not want to put undue pressure on borrowers who most likely are already under significant financial stress.

KiwiSaver Now in its Third Year – What are the lessons?

As many commentators have said, KiwiSaver is a no brainer! The incentives have certainly been put in place for all eligible participants to join, albeit some may not be able to spare the minimum 2% of their pay.

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