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Smarter KiwiSaver Investing

For most New Zealand investment fund managers, the largest investment that they manage is their range of KiwiSaver products. Some managers have made the conscious decision not to market their own KiwiSaver product, but instead market their skills to a range of KiwiSaver providers. Effectively they are benefiting indirectly from KiwiSaver, without the need to actively market to the public.

How Safe are your Bank Deposits

When the Cypriot banking system all but collapsed a couple of months ago, some people with large deposits held in New Zealand banks saw a potential risk that they probably had not thought of. Their concern was based on what would happen if their deposits were used to recapitalise their bank as was the case in Cyprus?

Broadening Financial Regulation

One of the unusual aspects when the financial regulatory rules were imposed a couple of years ago, was that they were not all encompassing. Basically shares, bonds and managed funds came under regulation from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Yet there were some notable exceptions, for example foreign exchange dealing schemes, commodities, and property.

Geo Political Risk

As investment advisers, we try to understand the different forms of investment risk. One risk that we try and avoid is Geo Political risk. Most developed countries are politically stable, and their capital markets behave in a manner that you would expect.

Tax Time Draws Near

As we are now very close to the end of the tax year, for many investors, it is very timely that they get their financial records up to date. Investment Portfolio Tax can either be a very interesting topic, boring, simple, or a plain chore.

It has been a number of years since the investment taxation laws were changed to any extent. That change was needed to accommodate KiwiSaver and the introduction of PIE Funds. The change also flowed through to foreign investment funds.

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