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UK Pension Transfers – the game has changed

Many people now living in New Zealand have contributed to pensions while in the United Kingdom. These could be transferred to registered schemes in New Zealand. Essentially the schemes or funds that they were transferred into in New Zealand had to have approval from the British authorities and become QROPS registered. Recently the rules have changed.

Authorised or Registered

11 Apr 2012

One of the consequences of the Financial Market Authority regulatory system that came into effect in 2011 was the distinction between the two categories of adviser. So what is the difference between an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and a Registered Financial Adviser (RFA)?

Justice Time for Beleaguered Investors

The sentencing last week of four directors of failed finance company Lombard Finance on criminal charges is an indication of how serious director’s responsibilities should be. Then, a few days later, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) announced that they were taking Civil action against a number of Hanover directors.

Investment Plans – Compare Apples with Apples

In today’s regulated financial market, it is no longer a simple process to obtain financial advice. Your first port of call should be to ascertain the status of your prospective adviser. Only advisers, who have become authorised, can offer advice on a full range of investment products to most potential investors. An adviser’s primary disclosure statement should detail this information.

Is your adviser on your side?

Many investors seek help in managing investments. The quality and type of help they seek can vary dramatically depending on one small detail, who is paying their adviser? If you are paying the adviser, the adviser should be working for you. Most importantly, it is important to understand the nature of the relationship between you, your adviser, and the investments that the adviser recommends.

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