"We feel reassured that Pascoe Barton are managing our funds with utmost scrutiny and care..."

C & D

What We Offer

Our Core Business

Our core business is providing practical, sound Investment Advice and Portfolio Management Services primarily to private investors. This service is a pure fee based service, with the fees being calculated on a daily portfolio value basis. We do not receive brokerage, fund manager rebates, trail fees or any commissions for investors using this service. This service is delivered using the Aegis Wrap Account Platform.

Steven and Susan have been authorised by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), to provide financial advice, investment financial planning services and financial planning services under Section 55 of the Financial Advisers Act 2008.

Aegis Wrap Account

Investment Administration 

For client peace of mind and for investment administration purposes, all Wrap Account investments are held through an independent custodial service (as a bare trustee).

Pascoe Barton uses the independent custodial services of Investment Custodial Services Limited ("ICSL") which together with the appointed administrator Aegis Limited ("Aegis") form the Aegis Service. Pascoe Barton has contracted Aegis to provide services to Pascoe Barton clients. ICSL and Aegis are both members of the ASB Group of Companies, the ultimate parent of which is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Pascoe Barton has used Aegis/ICSL since August 1998 as their Wrap Account provider. We were one of the first users of the system.

The Aegis Service currently administers and custodially holds in excess of NZ$10bn for more than 16,000 private clients.

Clients are in Control

At all times the client has full control over their strategy and investment portfolio. The portfolio will be managed in accordance with the agreed client risk profile benchmarks.

We believe that clients must have clear visibility and transparency of their investments. This creates confidence and trust in the services Pascoe Barton provide. At all times clients can access their funds and arrange to make changes to their portfolio if required. Reports are formally provided quarterly. Clients can also access portfolio information on-line.

Pascoe Barton does not handle client funds. Assets are held on behalf of clients through the appointed independent custodian. Any payments to or from the custodian are made directly to the clients’ designated personal current bank account.

At no stage are any funds held by Pascoe Barton in trust or otherwise. The clients’ ownership of assets is completely segregated from Pascoe Barton.

Client Reporting

Face to face meetings with clients are normally organized on a six monthly basis (although some clients prefer them to be quarterly or even annually). Every year we conduct a review with clients to ensure that any situational changes are appropriately reflected in the investment management plan.

Each quarter clients receive portfolio valuation, investment performance, and transaction reports, together with any investment recommendations for their portfolios. We also provide interim updates to clients where environmental or market conditions may require. These are normally provided by email or via traditional mail.

Investment Taxation statements are prepared to IRD formats and are normally available to clients around the third week of May each year.

Additional Services

Investment Plans/Comprehensive Financial Plans

We offer these on a set fee basis. All new clients who wish to use our portfolio management service have plans prepared for them.

Estate Planning

We provide preliminary estate planning. Issues are identified and clients referred to lawyers who provide comprehensive estate planning services.


We provide KiwiSaver advice and service to investors eligible to contribute to KiwiSaver.